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Our Story

Rabbit Awareness

Our Story

   The name "Eureka Springs Working Bunnies" represents 2 retail stores:  East By West and Caroline's Collectables.  Both shops have two "Working Bunnies" each since the year 2000.  However, East By West has been in operation since 1994 and Caroline's Collectables since 1996. 


The Eureka Springs Working Bunnies concept happened by chance when a friend gave me 3 rabbits from an old man who bought a bunch at a livestock auction for his own consumption. Not having much experience with rabbits, I would take them to work with me to learn, interact and play with them.  It was not too long before they started pulling merchandise from a display on the counter and flinging it outward; this applied to anything put in front of them. Ever since that time, we've had bunnies at both locations to help with customers purchases.  Most of our bunnies have been rescues and adopted from Arkansas Pet Rabbit Network out of Little Rock, Arkansas.  We pair the rabbits up for companionship, give them lots of love and care, human interaction daily and often; they become ambassadors for rescued rabbits as well as other animals.  In turn the bunnies help out at the stores when someone makes a purchase:  they help hand out receipts, change, pens, packages to customers. Video clips can be seen on our Facebook and Instagram Page:  Eureka Springs Working Bunnies, or YouTube.  The rabbits get to rest & relax off the counter in between purchases. They can be seen behind the counter, hopping around the store or just lounging and doing bunny things. We ask that you do NOT pick them up, but they love being pet.

    Rabbits can be great pets.  But they are not for everyone.  This is obvious because ours are rescues: they are dumped, set free, abandoned or on the way to being euthanized.  Do your research before getting one. Our rescued rabbits are fixed and bonded with another rabbit for companionship and usually live 8 to 11 years indoors. We encourage people to adopt or foster before shopping for rabbits.

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